To-do lists 🌟🌟🌟

This morning I read what I like to read for a while – some articles on medium.

An author wrote about the neural merits of lists, especially to-do lists. If we have to remember more than four things, then we overwhelm our short-term memory and our brain suffers.
Make it easy for your brain and organize it – write lists.

Our brains love this type of structuring, and reward us even more when we use dashes or numbers on our lists. We also love prose texts with paragraphs and reasons, but they have far less emphasis.
Call to action! Use nouns! Imperatives!

If you also write the list by hand, you “learn” it a little by heart at the same time. Writing by hand lets you grasp what you write. What you understand, you almost are.
Hence PPP: Put Pen to Paper!

1) Write the list
2) Use dashes or numbers
3) Write them by hand

This Article originally was published als „To-Do-Listen“ at  20.03.2019

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