To love anyway

How would you feel if you loved yourself anyway?

If you loved yourself not depending on your actions, your looks, your intelligence, your performance, your income, your age, your mistakes.

How differently would you cope with the requirements and conditions in this world?

What would be different if you loved yourself just the way you are?

6 Antworten auf “To love anyway”

  1. Self-love feels like a decision one makes every single day. To take mistakes for what they really are, namely chances to learn, instead of crying over the past is essential to this. Human beings, especially the ones creating, tend to judge themselves based on their achievements and constantly re-evaluate their status relative to others.

    Fact is, nobody judges you as much as yourself.

    Thanks for the post – had a nice time thinking about your words!



      1. So, I shall persuade myself by repetition?
        Is it possible to change a mindset by making decisions?


      2. Yes. Absolutely.
        A negative mindset, or a mindset of lacking selflove also origins in repeated negative selftalk in the first place.

        The only difference is that the negative selftalk is produced unwillingly, unconscioussly, while the decision to love yourself is a conscious choice and it leads to a creation of a new subconscious/unconscious mindset.

        Your conscious and your subconscious mind are both plastic, reversible, able to learn, adapt and evolve.
        For that to happen you need a firm decision, commitment and persistence.


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