One Chance!

My message here on my blog from the beginning on has been around „Live your life according to your values, to your dreams, to what makes you happy„.

I am quite prolific on this topic, not only because it is something that really energises me and leaves me happy, but also because by doing so I step into my own creative power! I am inviting and encouraging everybody to use their lives for the exact same thing!
Step into your greatness and enjoy a life that is giving you space for joy, creativity, love and meaning!

I am so grateful that I grew that old where I can use my opportunities and possibilities and express myself. I wish everybody the same.
Live up to the unbeleavable present of being alive!

Please do not waste your life!

I want the same for animals.
Cats and dogs and camels and donkeys and fish and ants and spiders and all the rest!
Chicken, pigs, cows, all the beautiful, dear creatures that live with us on this planet.
They also have only this one and only precious life.

Don´t torture them, please.  Don´t abuse them, dont kill them, don´t eat them unnecessarily! Don´t pay for them to be tortured, killed and eaten and put their dead bodies into cosmetics and detergents.

Please do not waste their lives!

If you believe, we can breed animals letting them live „happily“ and then kill them in an „humane way“ – youre making a mistake.
There is no possibility of „humane killing“  – those two words just exclude each other.
Youre killing to exploit them – to exploit their only lives they want to live exactly like you and me.

If you think you just act according to nature by using animal products, you are part of the „the food chain“ – then do it with what nature has given you:  your natural speed, your teeth, your claws.
Can you kill a chicken with your hands and teeth and then eat it with no cooking?
And what about all the intestines, cartillages, organs? Is this natural to you? And how would that look like with a pig, a calf or a cow?
Well – that would be natural, right?

There is no other species that breeds other animals to eat them or their eggs or their milk. To do that is not natural, but cultural. Predator-animals kill when they are hungry. They do it exactly according to the natural food-chain. When they´re not hungry, they don´t care about building stocks of prey.

If you use stones, knives, bolt pistols or slaughter houses, than we are talking about culture, not nature. Slaughterhouses are the exact opposite of a natural food-chain.

Does culture make slaughtering right?
Yulin dog-festival, whale hunting, snail -, frog – and chimpansee-brain – cuisine???
Anything cruel can be explained by culture – sacrificial cults, witch persecution, rape culture, slave culture, racissm, fascism, all the dark stuff.
So does culture make exploiting animals right?

Why would you not value someone elses life as precious as yours or your kid´s life?
I don´t get it…

So again, I request from you, to live your life according to your values,
to your dreams, to what makes you happy.
Don´t waste your life!

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