Size Matters!

Size Matters!

Talking about addictions – size matters.
The addiction is never bigger than yourself. The addiction has only found ways to live within you.
So technically you host the addiction and you can decide to invite more of them and to even let them reign over you. Usually you don´t do that consciously, and that is one the mean tricks of addictions, that they operate in the subconscious: they make you feel like you still have control, which actually is true, and still you find yourself trapped time and time again.

Sure, the benefits and the costs of every addiction are manifold, you can litteraly immerse yourself in them. Weiterlesen „Size Matters!“

Betrug in der Beziehung

Betrug in der Beziehung

Am Schlimmsten sind diejenigen, die behaupten, der/die Partner/in würde eingehen a.k.a. sterben, sollte er/sie je erfahren, dass er/sie betrogen wird… er/sie würde die Wahrheit nicht aushalten, er/sie würde ohne mich untergehen und all so ein selbstgefälliger Quatsch. In Wahrheit würde der/die Betrügende die Trennung nicht aushalten, sonst würde er/sie ja offen damit umgehen…
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