From Speed To Ritalin: A Society That Won’t Sober Up

This one is from my sister, Nanda.
I am reposting it because if you connect the dots you will understand better how the modern societies became so addicted.

Nanda Jurela

I recommend Martin Kasindorf’s movie about doctor Max Jacobson who treated many US celebrities and politicians of the 20th century with his concoctions of minerals, vitamins, human placenta, enzymes, steroids and methamphetamines.

The movie tells the facts in a light style, but you will find yourself seeing connections between then and now and contemplating observations that you have already made: about the expectation to project an invincible image 24/7, and why a society that is drugged all the time will lose its empathy, emotional intelligence and sense of connection with other people and other living beings.

1 hour, but an hour well spent.

Shoot your thoughts about it after you have watched it.

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