Self-talk and self-love

Self-talk and self-love

How you talk to yourself secretly will affect how much you love yourself.

„I am too fat.“
„I am too lazy. “
„I am not good enough.“
„I am not educated enough.“
„I am not wealthy enough.“
Your Ego produces these kinds of sentences which you listen to all the time.
Some significant parts of you probably believe that they are true. Weiterlesen „Self-talk and self-love“

Mind your languages!

Science has found out that bilinguals perceieve time differently in their two languages.
The language they use will determine their estimation how much time has passed.

Another interessting finding is that bilinguals use two different coexisting phonetic systems when talking or reading or even thinking. The two languages not only compete in pronunciation, but also in words, grammar, interpunction and other specific characteristics like gestures, mimics, humour and proverbs all the time.
The language which is used more frequently becomes stronger – you can compare the strength of your language with the strength of a muscle.
For the sake of peace of mind, the rarely used language gives in. Weiterlesen „Mind your languages!“

Die Versagensängste anderer Leute

Bevor ich einen Blogartikel schreibe, lese ich meistens 10, 20 Minuten auf Medium, Piqd und manchmal auf Zeit-Online dies und das, oder schaue mir ein zwei Videos von Vloggern oder Vorträge an.

Dieses freie Lesen und stöbern bringt mich häufig auf ein Thema, worüber ich selbst schreiben könnte.

Heute habe ich einen Artikel auf Zeit-Online gelesen, den ich einfach hier teilen möchte, weil ich glaube, dass er vielen Leser*innen gut tun wird. Es geht um die allgemeine Überforderung, wenn man gleichzeitig erfolgreich, schön, Familienmensch und wohlhabend sein möchte, und der einzige Weg, dies zu erreichen, Arbeit oder Leistung zu sein scheint. Weiterlesen „Die Versagensängste anderer Leute“

How to find an appartment in Berlin

How to find an appartment in Berlin

…well, you will need good friends.

In the last couple of weeks my Sweetheart and I were chit-chatting about how we would love to move in together but we didn´t really put too much effort into it.
Actually we did spend three or four hours on Immoscout and got depressed, for the lack of appartments that meet our needs on one hand and for their pricing on the other hand.

We went for one flat viewing, and by doing that we also experienced viewing around a hundred well dressed people, sticking around for the very same reason, some of them already negotiating with the landlords. After this (dis-)appointment we didn´t bother for getting more experience. Weiterlesen „How to find an appartment in Berlin“