Thank God for our Vagina!

I enjoy this speech of Kaouthar Darmoni so much!

At around 11:30-11:45 she dreams about a „Golden Age“, where the Female and the Male worlds are here „Not to compete, but to complete this world!“

I was really touched by this sentence and the whole talk altogether.

Later on she suggests when you are in stressful situations to contract your „Cabasa“, your pelvic muscles, instead of your jaws. I clap and salut her for this one, in the name of the rising number of the grinding patients, suffering from tendo-mandibular disorders and in the name of all my dental colleagues!


How to find an appartment in Berlin

How to find an appartment in Berlin

…well, you will need good friends.

In the last couple of weeks my Sweetheart and I were chit-chatting about how we would love to move in together but we didn´t really put too much effort into it.
Actually we did spend three or four hours on Immoscout and got depressed, for the lack of appartments that meet our needs on one hand and for their pricing on the other hand.

We went for one flat viewing, and by doing that we also experienced viewing around a hundred well dressed people, sticking around for the very same reason, some of them already negotiating with the landlords. After this (dis-)appointment we didn´t bother for getting more experience. Weiterlesen „How to find an appartment in Berlin“

What about the Orgasm Gap?

What about Orgasm Gap?

I read an article on Spiegel online today, about a sextoy called „Womanizer“. „Der Spiegel“ is a quiet reputable and respected German product, and so is the toy. At least sales figures let me assume so.

Once again the article describes female sexuality and ability to climax as slow, deficient, somehow unsatisfastory, quoting „studies“ and numbers, where women are complicated, time consuming and non predictable at orgasming, and that they need much assistance and mental preparation to get off. Weiterlesen „What about the Orgasm Gap?“

Nice and tidy does it!

Stuff that needs to be taken care of consumes time and space.
Usually I have my stuff cleaned up properly on a daily basis, but in the last few weeks things got out of shape due to a couple of short-trips and not living in my usual routines.

Today morning I decided to first tidy up my papers and documentation before I write my blog-article of today.
Now it is 21:40 and I´m just about to start. What a waste of time! Weiterlesen „Nice and tidy does it!“

One Chance!

One Chance!

My message here on my blog from the beginning on has been around „Live your life according to your values, to your dreams, to what makes you happy„.

I am quite prolific on this topic, not only because it is something that really energises me and leaves me happy, but also because by doing so I step into my own creative power! I am inviting and encouraging everybody to use their lives for the exact same thing!
Step into your greatness and enjoy a life that is giving you space for joy, creativity, love and meaning! Weiterlesen „One Chance!“

Cognitive Dissonance

Cognitive Dissonance

I am fascinated by the phenomenon of „Cognitive Dissonance“.

It is the word for situations, where you do things that you don´t want to do, but then do them anyway –  where two contradictory beliefs in one person clash into each other.

For example:
– You want to live healthy, but you keep smoking.
– You love animals, but you consume animal products all the time.
– You love generosity, but in the bar you skip the round of buying the drinks. Weiterlesen „Cognitive Dissonance“