What about the Orgasm Gap?

I read an article on Spiegel online today, about a sextoy called „Womanizer“. „Der Spiegel“ is a quiet reputable and respected German product, and so is the toy. At least sales figures let me assume so.

Once again the article describes female sexuality and ability to climax as slow, deficient, somehow unsatisfastory, quoting „studies“ and numbers, where women are complicated, time consuming and non predictable at orgasming, and that they need much assistance and mental preparation to get off.

The worst thing in the article is, that now, with just a little help of a sextoy we are allowed to climax as easily and effective as a man, between the tax declaration and a dental hygiene session.
To become more effective in orgasming we only need to buy that sextoy, since we can´t even masturbate by ourselves…

The opinion that women are slow and complicated at orgasming is a widespread public belief. Very often I found the statement: „men take around 5 minutes to come, whereas women need 20-40 minutes“. That Spiegel-article corroborates those numbers, and it made me really upset and looking for research about the topic on the internet.

The article with the most useful informations was this:
It shows that all these numbers and studies are actually fake and no one wants to take responsibility for the numbers and statements.

Conclusions of my research:

The Orgasm Gap is the most significant in heterosexual intercourse.
„Heterosexual men were most likely to say they usually-always orgasmed when sexually intimate (95%), followed by gay men (89%), bisexual men (88%), lesbian women (86%), bisexual women (66%), and heterosexual women (65%). “
(quote from Variation in Orgasm Occurrence by Sexual Orientation in a Sample of U.S. Singles , Justin R. Garcia MS, PhD, Elisabeth A. Lloyd PhD, Kim Wallen PhD, Helen E. Fisher PhD.)

Research also showed, that masturbation leads women
to climax after an average of 1 to 5 minutes.
How is this slow?

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