Why argue?

When you find yourself arguing with somebody about the same topic over and over again – do you ask yourself how you can break the vicious cycle?

I mean, ask YOURself, how YOU can make a difference, or even stop it, and not have the other person doing this or that.
So, what arguments are really useful for, is to discover what actually bothers you. What triggers your emotions, your thoughts and feelings?

Learn about yourself.
Look yourself deep into the eye and find out what´s the matter? Be honest and plain.
What you complain about in the other might be your own unresolved issue.

The other ones might even be right with their thesis.
The „wrangler“ might be your master!

Then be brave and acknowledge: „Yes, you are right and I was wrong.“ This sentence is a game changer, sometimes even a life changer.
The moment you admit that you didn´t see the whole picture, your brain learns, your heart grows, and your life shifts to a higher ground.




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