You can´t have it all, right?

If you believe that, then you see proof for your assessment all over your life and it feels like truth.

So why can´t you have it all?
Who decided that?

What if you skipped all the procrastinations that consume your ressources in a way that you have enough time, space, energy and money to dedicate yourself fully to have it all?

How many hours do you spend daily with facebook, netflix, porn and TV?
Isn´t that the time where you could create a life where you CAN have it all?

What if you only dissolved all the fears that hold you back? Fear of not beeing good enough, of not having the right amount of time, money, education, muscles and so on?
So that you become the person who CAN be it all?

How much energy and courage does fear take away from you?
Could it be the courage you need to commit yourself to have it all and be it all?

What if you only took the decision to HAVE it all, to BE it all and DO it all?

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