Size Matters!

Talking about addictions – size matters.
The addiction is never bigger than yourself. The addiction has only found ways to live within you.
So technically you host the addiction and you can decide to invite more of them and to even let them reign over you. Usually you don´t do that consciously, and that is one the mean tricks of addictions, that they operate in the subconscious: they make you feel like you still have control, which actually is true, and still you find yourself trapped time and time again.

Sure, the benefits and the costs of every addiction are manifold, you can litteraly immerse yourself in them.

However, addictions can be looked at as guests, they come and if they don´t go voluntarily, then you can throw them out.
YOU are the manifestation of EVERYTHING in a human spacesuit, whereas the addiction is a game of the ego.
It is only a belief that the addiction is bigger than you.
That belief is strong and wrong!

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