Die Vorsehung einladen

Wenn Du den Eindruck hast, dass alles wie am Schnürchen läuft, alle möglichen Ereignisse Deinem Vorhaben in die Karten spielen, und plötzlich Menschen auf Dich zukommen, um Dich zu unterstützen – dann musst Du unterwegs ausversehen die Vorsehung eingeladen haben, mitzuspielen…

Peu a peu scheinen wundersame Verbindungen und Netzwerke zu entstehen, die dazu beitragen wollen, dass Du Erfolg hast.

Du hast Dein Bewusstsein auf diese Ergebnisse getrimmt, und Bewusstsein kann nicht im Verborgenen bleiben.
Es interagiert permanent in der Welt.

Wenn Du wissen willst, wie Du die Vorsehung einladen kannst, Dein Vorhaben zu unterstützen, dann buche ein Coachingpaket mit mir. In meinem Power-Coaching wird Dein Bewusstsein gecoacht, hilfreiche Energien einzuladen und die störenden auszuweichen.

Schreib mir eine Email und wir kreieren pure Magie…

3 Antworten auf “Die Vorsehung einladen”

  1. I can honestly vouch for these sessions.
    In a very short time, Karmen guided me in a very gentle and inspiring and personally tailored way – to help me actually unlock my own desires and my deeply hidden needs and secrets that my very heart had been longing to reveal to me since early childhood.

    I cannot explain here how this happened – but I suddenly found I could find my own steps and design my own structure and goals that was not an ‚outside‘ system or unfamiliar process. It has somehow been inside me all along – and I believe it is in each of us.

    Karmen loves deeply, cheers you on, and really cares; she gently ‚takes you by the hand‘ – so to speak – and shows you a part of yourself you forgot you are. This woman has really changed the direction I was heading in. Her support encouraged and empowered me in ways I cannot describe.

    She inspired me to not only conquer my own obstacles, but also to use all this new, clean and free-flowing energy – to now reach out and help others too. An essential system we humans are designed to dance within – it is the only way we can thrive, heal the planet, and learn to truly nurture our ‚children‘ (whether that be your creative life, your pets, your offspring, or your loved ones) the way they would need.

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    1. Michelle, I am so touched by our words and I thank you so much!
      And I get what you are talking about, it is true. I want us all to thrive and to discover the core of our beauty!
      It is a celebration! It is living on a higher level of authenticity and joy!
      You ROCK, Michelle and I am looking forward to the updates in your life!

      Gefällt mir

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