As an addict, if you give in to your cravings, it is possible that this time you might die from the relapse.
Therefore it is crucial for them to have a kind of protocoll to keep them away from their drugs, no matter how much they are craving.

The Alcoholics Anonymous and other Self-Help-Groups use a easy to remember signal-word to examine and control upcoming cravings.

It is called HALT!

HALT, that stands for Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired.

Those four are typical physical and emotional conditions that put sobriety and caution aside – and the risk of a relapse becomes plausible.

HALT affects not only addicts.
All of the four moods influence our value system and our behaviour.

When you expect difficult situations ahead, make sure that you are none of hungry, angry, lonely or tired. It could affect the outcome – probably to the worst.

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