Klischees und Ego-Trips

Meine geniale, scharfsinnige und one and only sister Nanda hat heute (bei Veröffentlichung gestern) Geburtstag.

Ich bin sehr dankbar, ihre Schwester sein zu dürfen und unter ihrem Einfluss aufgewachsen zu sein.
Ohne Nanda wäre ich wahrscheinlich nicht so leicht und früh mit richtig guter Literatur und Musik in Berührung gekommen!

Happy Birthday, Sistah!

Vor drei Jahren hat sie folgendes auf Facebook veröffentlicht:

Nanda Jurela·Freitag, 11. Dezember 2015

Just Clearing Out Some Junk

Two clichés that are mere ego trips:

1. „I feel undeserving (of)…“
2. the fear of love
About 1:
You can bet that the person uttering those words is lying to himself.
What is the aim of this phrase? To arouse pity for choosing something else than the best for him, or what the listener might deems is best?
The translation is: „I choose something else.“
Guess what: the translation is correct every time.

About 2
The fear of love is a myth.
Even the most traumatized move toward love – when love is given.
Every being moves toward love. Because love is not frightening, not jarring, love is not making us insecure. Love is not a challenge, something you have to fight for, an experience that will shatter your mind, or your defenses, or steal your soul, or any of those sickening slogans.
Love is the ultimate comfort and healing.
The fear of love is the fear of (incomplete) concepts of love, of performance, another person’s timing or judgments, of being let down, disappointed, of being hurt, the fear of losing boundaries in relationships, etc.
That is not fear of love as energy.
In the warmth of love, worries, doubts and programs dissolve. You simply need to allow it to work on you. I.e., give it time.
Ditch the idea that anyone fears love.
In fact, we all only fear the opposite.
The excuse of unworthiness is ridiculous. Switch to worthiness, whatever that requires of you: a change of lifestyle, beliefs, or choices. Don’t waste time on excuses.

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