impress yourself – express yourself

Some car manufacturer currently murmurs „impress yourself“ in the radio advertising, which means that I should buy their car in order to impress myself. Muhahaha!

What a grotesque distortion of the facts …

And yet the advertisers are basically right when they are asked to impress themselves:

Create a life that impresses you!
Anything else would be wrong on the subject.

If you remain indifferent, if you live reluctantly or if you try to impress OTHER people, you will miss the meaning of life.

Rita Mae Brown wrote somewhere, sometime
„The price of conformity is that everyone loves you, except yourself.“

Impress yourself in your life and express yourself in such a way that the world can experience it and salute you, follow your example and thrive and grow with you.

If you live like this, you are already doing a lot of things right!


This article has originally been published as „impress yourself – express yourself“ at 26.03.2019

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