Truth or Dare

If you feel that some things in your life are not „as they should be“, then your subconscious mind spends time and energy trying to fix them again and again. Sometimes subliminal, with diffuse restlessness of unclear cause, sometimes subliminal with bad mood, inability or fear to make life-changing, creative decisions.
As long as you feel that, there is hope!
There is hope to overcome your self-sabotage! Because as long as you are not in alignment with your complete being, denial is in command of your life!
Your eager human ego is doing everything it can to maintain the deceptive stability of its regime. Permanent, safe self-sabotage, to avoid awakening to your true greatness, your total self-expression!
Then comes a standstill and after the standstill there is only open self-destruction.

Ask yourself what it is – all the twitches and itches again and again, the wobbles, dizziness and discomfort, where are you not at peace with your reality?

Look over there and beyond!

You may find answers on how to cultivate and live in authenticity and integrity.

The closer you align to your true self and the more sincere you live your life, the better off you will be.

If you can, then I can too. If I can do it, everyone else can too!
All in all, together we improve integrity around the world, in the entire time and space continuum!

This article originally was published as „Wahrheit oder Pflicht“ at 23.03.2019

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