English, and the fear of sounding German

Last weekend I recieved an insight that I need to write in English in order to get more readers on my blog.
Well – that is way out of my comfort zone, given the fact that I am aware of communicating rather well in English; however, when it comes to written English, („the real deal“,) I feel ashamed for not being good enough.

On my journey to spiritual, mental and physical greatness I am also aware that I need to stretch my limitations, and progress, develop, expand.
That is what we do anyway, when we live freely and when we don´t hold back ourselves: we thrive and grow.

So for today I am stretching myself quite al lot by

  • writing in English, which doesn´t come naturally to me
  • revealing to you and to the world my weakness around my written English
  • overcoming the fear of sounding German – ´cos how else should and could I sound, right? 

5 Antworten auf “English, and the fear of sounding German”

  1. Yes, your English is pretty well! Do you know that all browser translate your German side in seconds?
    I have in 2018 a lot of visitors from the USA and GB on my sides, but most of them are written in German language.
    Greetings! Viele Grüße!

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