So obvious…

When you want to achieve something, like lose 5 kg or start eating healthy, meet your friends more, start a blog or write a book – just start with it and do it:

Just start to eat less and move more, eat vegetables more than everything else, invite your friend, start to write instead of looking for the next shortcut, the newest diet, social app, lifehack or expert-thesis.

The obvious thing somtimes is the most reasonable thing to do. Again – to DO!

Not read about it, talk about it, dream about it, discuss it, procrastinate and feel guilty about not doing it. When you start doing it, than you will instantly read and talk about it, discuss it and become an expert yourself anyway.
There will be no room for guilt of not doing it –  because you will be doing it in the first place.

Nobody ever started as an expert. You don´t need to become the first human being to do so.




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