How to find an appartment in Berlin

…well, you will need good friends.

In the last couple of weeks my Sweetheart and I were chit-chatting about how we would love to move in together but we didn´t really put too much effort into it.
Actually we did spend three or four hours on Immoscout and got depressed, for the lack of appartments that meet our needs on one hand and for their pricing on the other hand.

We went for one flat viewing, and by doing that we also experienced viewing around a hundred well dressed people, sticking around for the very same reason, some of them already negotiating with the landlords. After this (dis-)appointment we didn´t bother for getting more experience.

I searched out for a platform called, where you can swap flats. It  seemed fun, till it started feeling dull – wanting to swap a little flat for a bigger one, like everyone else there.

So I put my wish onto facebook, and only one hour later one of my oldest and dearest friends wrote me a private message about a fantastic appartment she used to live in years ago, which will very soon be available again.
There you go! God bless her!

First you need good friends and then you´ll find a place to live,  too.

5 Antworten auf “How to find an appartment in Berlin”

  1. Good luck for searching a apartment in Berlin. The South West of the City is pretty well. Nice old tree’s, small streets, old buildings. You will love the city. Berlin is great! 🏡🏠🏢🏣🏬⛪⛲

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      1. I’m thinking, wir können auch in Deutsch schreiben! Ja, Schöneberg ist klasse. Bin derzeit im Ausland, lebte 40 J. in Berlin. Das ist meine Stadt! Ich liebe Berlin

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