What to write when you have no idea and your draftfolder sucks?

When you have committed to writing and publishing every single day but you don´t have a fresh idea to write about, your draftfolder sucks, and cheating is not an option, either, then you might want to go for one of these compromise solutions:

  • What in the last 3 days has moved and touched you the most?
  • What upsets you – in general or a specific situation in the last 3-5 days?
  • What makes you happy – in general or a specific situation in the last 3-5 days?
  • What specific experience can you share for it´s universal value?

When you think about one of those answers, then apply your learning or your insights to a greater purpose – what about it could intrigue somebody else or give them a wider, brighter view? What is the value of your story to a stranger? What do you want them to receive from you?

Be clear about what the story means to you and then concentrate on the overall benefit for the reader and make your point understandable.

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