Mental Health

What do these words mean to you?

A couple of days ago I reflected on that question with my peer coach Mila.
I had a beautful and inspiring coaching session with her, and I see that mental health really influences how we act, how we decide and how we stand strong against all impingements.

Health is a gradual experience in life. There is no sharp cut to divide healthy from unhealthy. Can you belive that everybody has thousands of degenerated, tumor cells in their bodies, which are precisely eliminated every day by our immune systems. And same about millions of microscpic to makroskopic inflammations in everybody – which are actually there to destroy pathogens.

As long as the immunity-system is strong and effective, you call the person healthy, despite the millions of pathogens and degenerated cells all over.

Mental health can also be gradually differentiated – if someone is percieved as healthy or suffering a mental disorder or illness.
It even depends on our social habits and traditions to call a mental illness what it is, or to accept it as what it is. For example you can call racism a mental illness. The video below shows it.

So where does mental health end?
When you are a smoker and suffering from cognitive dissonance?
When you drink two glasses of wine habitually in the evening?
When you haven´t slept properly in months?
When you overeat when nervous or alone?
When you were raised in an alcoholic, neglecting or narcissist family and now attract partners with whom you experience toxic relationships?
Or not until you have to go to a mental hospital being allowed to go out for a walk on your own or when you´re not being allowed?

Can a person who doesn´t embrace themself and love life 100% be mentally healthy?
Who wouldn`t love life? Who wouldn´t love their own lifes?

So when do you feel mentally really healthy?
And how do you live, when you´re mentally healthy?
I invite you to vision yourself being 100 % mentally healthy!

This video shows that racism is a mental illness. That is what I am talking about! Watch till the end, please!

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