Failures and Mistakes

I bet you are going to make mistakes and poor decisions and you will produce failures probably even today.
It belongs to being human to tap into pitfalls – even with the strongest beliefs that you are planning and doing the very right thing.
Sometimes your guts know that your aims will lead you into hassle and tell you not to do what you´re just about to do.
You push aside all the warnings just to dig deeper into trouble.

Odds are high that all of us fail more or less on a daily basis.

If you don´t fail then you are not really trying to evolve. You are resting or hiding in your safety zone following your long established routines.
This makes every day look the same.

And that, my friend, is a mistaken kind of life, too.

It is absolutely necessary to reframe mistakes, failures and errors as something we need to grow and to recognise our boundaries and our values.
Through evaluation your „mistake“ will help you gain clarity, see your true goals and purposes and you will learn to make better decisions.

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