Self-talk and self-love

How you talk to yourself secretly will affect how much you love yourself.

„I am too fat.“
„I am too lazy. “
„I am not good enough.“
„I am not educated enough.“
„I am not wealthy enough.“
Your Ego produces these kinds of sentences which you listen to all the time.
Some significant parts of you probably believe that they are true.

The more you believe it is true, the more confirmation you will find in your reality and the more you will believe in it.  It is a vicious cycle which we are not trained to recognise within all the masquerade.

But here is the good news:
You can put your own content, your personal self-talk-creations next to the old habitual negative self-talk and „force“ the new stuff into you.

You can chose sentences that really inspire and heal you. With doing that, you rewire your brain and the old patterns can be exchanged.
With the old beliefs disappearing your brain will again find proof of the new content everywhere around and in you.

So start your training here and now:
What is the sentence that you need most to hear right now?

Find it, write it down and let it work for you. Do that every day and receive
all the good coming from your new belief.

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