Three ways to recognise your blind spots

If you hear yourself saying I´m fine, I´m great or everything is super, but you constantly lack of money, health, sleep, warm relationships or any other elemental ingredient of a fine, great and super life – then you´re not fine.

Now, your answer „I´m fine“ might be strategical, but if not – how can you say you´re fine, when life provides you with proof that you´re not? Is it because you are not seeing something?

To say „go, look for your blind spots“ here sounds like a paradox – and yet, to do exactly this could turn around your life and add some deeper levels of understanding and livelyness.

To seeing blind spots while blind is of course quite a challenge – So how can you recognise your blind spots?

1) If someone asks you „How do you feel?“ and you just say „ok“ or something similarly bland, then go deeper.
How do you feel? That is not a synonym to „what did you do, what did you read, where did you go?“
I guess the later you could answer easily, BUT how do you really FEEL?
Sometimes blind-spots show up as pain, sickness, lonelyness, helplessness, toxic environments, toxic self-talk and so on. These circumstances often feel bad.

2) If something or somebody annoys you in a notorious, chronic way – your bank account, your co-worker, your spouse´s habit, your hurted knee, your hurted heart – and you just ignore the topic year after year – there might be a blind spot.

3) If you were in a fight with someone trustworthy and he or she calls you for example „irresponsible, disrespecting, not caring, lazy“ or anything that really triggers you and makes you crazy – then there might be a blind spot, too.

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2 Antworten auf “Three ways to recognise your blind spots”

  1. „constantly lack of money, health, sleep, warm relationships or any other elemental ingredient of a fine, great and super life – then you´re not fine.“

    Many of these „flaws“ and problems do not affect my well-being at all. They shouldn’t affect anyone’s happiness, confidence or pride. Being alive, able to think and decide, is what makes greatness and freedom. These three things – and all of us obviously have them – are all one needs to change everything.

    I’m afraid many people are blinded by external expectations and, after all, stumble on the verge of depression because of what they think they should be like instead of listening to themselves and their needs, goals and dreams.

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