10 supporters

I am commited to find 10 supporters for my coaching business till the End of September.

There are always several approaches to cope with upcoming tasks.
One can whine and moan, one can hide and postpone, one can whimmer and sigh, and one can ask for help!

Asking for help is what I choose to do right now, folks!
I ask you, my dear friends and readers to refer me to new coaching clients.
Please tell everybody that there is this brilliant woman, a sucessful dentist, author and coach who has spare capacities for Power-Coaching! 😘

I enjoy coaching the most in the areas of
– living a creative life, no matter how the circumstances are and
– stepping into your true greatness, including the endless expansion of your potential.

This is how clients have percieved my work:

With you trusting me I can evolve to the next level of coaching.
I thank and hug you all!

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