Selfishness is a vital function

Selfishness is an interessting topic.

I had a conversation with a friend who told me that selfishness had saved her time and stress a couple of times in her life. I was intrigued and I asked her about an example.
She told me that years ago she had been enduring for too long in a broken relationship because she believed, she couldn´t leave.
I asked, what if you had stayed, according to your belief that you couldn´t leave?

She sayed she´d become depressed and had a terrible life, and then she would have left.
I asked repeatedly, „what if you had stayed despite your terrible life and depressions, according to your belief, and without the option of setting aside the belief?“

She said, she would have gotten suicidal thoughts and if she still had not acted on her own wellbeing, that she would eventually have killed herself, for she didn´t want to live like that any longer.

So selfishness saved her not only time and stress but actually her own life. She allowed selfishness to overcome her belief that she wasn´t allowed to leave a relationship.

I had goosebombs listening to her story – her breakthrough to see that selfishness can be a vital function for life!

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