Asking for a favor. Or TWO!!

…oh wow…

I had to ask a group of people for a favor. And shortly afterwards for another one.
That was challenging. I am still waiting for their response and it makes me feel akward and very, very uncomfortable.

Sure I know, they can all do what they like, and say no, or yes, or negotiate…

And yet I feel like a burden because I feel like I have asked „too much“.
Although if I were asked the same, I´d be flattered to have been asked for such favors.
Isn´t the psyche of us people crazy sometimes?

…when the comfort zone is to not needing to ask anybody for anything…
…when the comfort zone is to behave like an independent grown up…
Dear Lord… …independent… LOL…
That is silly and funny in a world where you actually die alone, and where we all depend on each other…

…I am just sharing what is happening right now…

What happened was a wonderful, beautiful conversation with the woman who took care about the first favor.
And the same goes for the second favor.
Everything is taken care about AND I connected to two adorable and inspiring woman who are going to help me out.
What an honor, what a joy…


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