Productive, not busy

Yesterday I had an intake-session with a new coaching- prospect.
He has known me for a while as I have been his dentist and he eventually had cought up, that I had just published my first novel.
I was well prepared for his intake session, so me and my sparks were contagious.
When he signed in for a cycle I congratulated him from my heart and we both had time for a little chitchat.
He asked me „How do you manage to do all your work?“
I smiled. People often look at me in disbelief and fascinated when it comes to my productivity.
I answered:
„This is not coaching now, this is a secret I want to share with you.“ Now he smiled.
„The secret is – I say NO to things very often. For example I say no to distracting actions, to invitations, to other people´s agendas.“
He interrupted me and said:
„If only I could do that.“
„You can. Everybody can do it. I am going to tell you the magic formula. It consists of three steps.
First you need to find out your own purpose in life, and by doing that your own agenda will become crystal clear.
Second, you estimate if the action that comes up will give you more benefits and joy than sticking to your own agenda. And if the answer is no, then the third and completing action is to say „I am sorry. It´s not possible. So – no.“ in your most elegant and friendly way you are capable of. You don´t need to explain or excuse your answer. You just need to hold out the uncomfortable feeling and the little conversation pause.“

He looked to me in an understanding way and I am sure that my sharing gave him some food for thought and curiosity for his own inner agenda!




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