How to be happy in a rotten world

The more I read and learn about happiness and a successful way of life, the more I believe that it is crucial to stay away from the „news“ and negative propaganda.

If it is true that every soul creates its own reality in 3D, and I believe it is true, then we must consciously choose our surroundings, the people and information we allow to enter our lives.

If we want to take care of our surroundings, we cannot let the biggest 4-6 News-Agencies in the world rule our lives.

News agencies need to sell newsworthy material. That is their highest priority agenda.

It has been found out that positive headlines don’t sell as well as negative ones. Of course, all leading news-agencies aim to sell big, and that is why they have become what they are.

In order to sell big they have to seek for catastrophes, death, hunger, war, and people who will gobble up their interpretation of what „the news“ should be like.

However, their agenda hardly meets my own agenda.

My world is not rotten. My world is a magical space to enjoy the mystery of life to the maximum!

For me, it seems to be enough to ask a colleague or acquaintance from time to time, „How is the world?“ Since I have stuck to this news-regime, I am happier and less distracted from the things I really love and support.

The less I hear from the „news“, which are designed to sell, the more time and space I have for what I really care for.

Staying away from the obsession with the news was not the only decision that I took about the constant stream of media.
Of course, there are others. The following two were most effective:

1) I didn’t have a TV in the home for almost 20 years. Imagine how much time I have gained in those twenty years, just by getting rid of the TV!

2) I don’t listen to the radio. I refuse to let my brain be shaped by subliminal suggestions and the perpetual neurological seeding through music – lyrics that inform me that either I can’t get no satisfaction or that I am a creep.

Music is such a powerful tool to shape your brain and therefore your reality.

I have had enough of music that reinforces and even creates negative beliefs!
Music ties what you hear to thoughts and to emotions and creates subconscious judgements – without me even realising!
Because, you know – when it fires, it wires!

I used to listen to the radio in the morning, until I understood that I don’t want „Cum-Ex“, wars and child-trafficking to be the first information putting a stamp on my fresh and new day. When you are about to wake up, every information imprints and impresses on your nervous system and brain functioning – you are actually in a pre-hypnotic or hypnotic state, shortly after you wake up! While you are in the pre-hypnotic state, your mind is extremely easy to influence, and your template for thinking, feeling and your whole attitude are being formed without you noticing it.

It is critical and necessary to select consciously – when and what to listen to and to which media.

Choose wisely, too!

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