10 things sorted out. Minimum!

A couple of days ago, I supported a new consciousness-coach to step into her new Coach-Being by being her exam session client.

She had a clear style to guide me towards my goals, and one of them was to clear three boxes of stuff that remained unopened since my last moving.
Additionally, I committed to giving away three pairs of shoes to charity.

I overachieved – again. I found ten pairs of shoes to give to somebody who might want them more than me. Yes, you count only nine pairs of shoes, one pair didn´t make it on the photo :-))!

And the best thing: The exam-candidate passed her exam!
I congratulate my new coaching-colleague Jessica Tamsen Watt!

I think there is not enough coaches in the world, yet.
Everybody should be aware of the potential that every single person carries in themselves. As a coach, that is one of your basic skills and tools.

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