How to create a perfect day?

Program your unconscious mind by answering one question

The essential question to answer is — “How does a perfect day look like for you?”
When you search for answers to this question, forget about if such a day is in reach for you. Such considerations would only limit your phantasy and your outcome. 

Instead, it is crucial to have a vivid imagination of the specifics.

Preparation for your Answers

For answering that question, please imagine that you do not need to worry about the following things:

  • Your existential and material needs
  • The success of your ventures
  • The opinion of other people about it, including your relatives, parents, significant other, children, business partners, bosses, colleagues, customers and other people.
  • How realistic or feasible such a day would be for you.
    So it can be, for example, a day on an island in the South Pacific attending an Aloha dance course with the partner of your dreams, which you have not yet come across.
     Or, at home, with your real crew and a little bit of fine-tuning around time management and circumstances.

The power of our imagination is limitless. 

Now that all obstacles, hurdles and shackles (including the ones you made yourself) have been removed, we can proceed to the core of your perfect day more swiftly and easily.

Imagine your perfect day as tangible as possible.

And yes, variations of perfect days are possible. In the woods, in the kitchen, at work, alone or surrounded by beloved people.
However, when doing a mental run answering the question, please decide on a continuous version. 
Then you are welcome to write down as many other variants as you want.

Visualization — let the magic begin!

Here are a few specific questions that will help you visualize your perfect day:

  1. Where are you?
    How long did you sleep? 
    Where did you sleep? 
    Was there someone else in your bed?
  2. What time do you wake up?
    What is the first thing you do when you wake up? 
    What do you do then?
  3. Do you have a conscious, healthy morning routine?
    What exactly does it contain?
  4. Do you eat and drink in the morning? 
    If yes, what do you eat and drink in the morning?
  5. Do you have a job?
    If so, what kind of work? 
    When and where do you start your work? 
    How many hours do you spend working? 
    With whom?
  6. Who else is in your life?
    Do you meet someone? 
    Where o you meet? 
    For how long?
    Is there a significant other? 
  7. How much time do you spend with these people on your perfect day?
  8. What, and when do you eat and drink throughout the day?
    With whom do you eat your meals?
  9. Are you doing something for your body?
    Are you doing something for 
    * your mind, 
    * your soul, 
    * your health, 
    * your finances? 
    If so, what, where, when, with whom and for how long do you spend with the specific issue?
  10. What do you do in the evening?
    Who is with you? 
    By when?
    For how long?
  11. Do you have a conscious, healthy evening routine?
    What exactly does it contain?
  12. When is bedtime to get enough sleep?
  13. Finally — how do you feel after such a day? 
    What makes you so happy about it?

Answer these questions in handwriting and let the answer work on you.
Continuous Programming will bring you there. 

Answer these questions in handwriting and let the answer work on you.

Continuous Programming will bring you there.

Your desires function as a guideline in your mind. 
Your wishes and goals become an action-plan, a neuro-program for your brain.
When your brain knows how you want to spend your days, it will start to produce supportive situations, and even providence will be at your service.

Nurture the imagination of your perfect day and how you will feel experiencing such an everyday life, and I promise, soon you will find yourself living it!

Proceed to live a perfect day in your heart, and it might transform to an ideal, real life!

This Article originally was published on Medium / The Innovation on 19.10.2020.

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