There Is No Fulfilment in the Future

If you want fulfilment —be here and now

ven when you are happily tinkering with your future, the time and space continuum of your happiness is now and here.

By nurturing your belief that you can only be happy when X occurs or Y happens, you prevent happiness. Moreover, Such “if …, then … “clauses are known as the lousy companions of addictive thinking. They belong to the so-called “stinking thinking. “

“Stinking thinking “is a term coined by Alcoholics Anonymous. It is suitable to bring you down, to weaken you, and thus lead you deeper and deeper into addiction.

If you are not familiar with the term “stinking thinking”, you can find “The Top 10 Types of “Stinkin’ Thinkin” here. There is nothing to add here; the list is just fine. Please have a look into it.

Alcoholism is just one of many addictions, and you can find stinking thinking in all kinds of addiction contexts:
For example, whenever you lose yourself in social media, when you conclude the world is going down from one dark detail, or when you exaggerate the importance of your personal experiences you are in the middle of an addictive process. You are likely to ruin every probability for a fulfilling moment in your life.

It does not matter which kind of addiction is in charge. It can be an addiction to the internet, food, or consumption, attachment to relationships, or power and all substance abuse.
Addiction experts also consider constant worrying an addictive behaviour.

All of those disorders and misconceptions distract you from the truth, from the present time and space continuum.

The good news is — stinking thinking is fake news.

In TRUTH, with an addiction-free view of reality, there are no worries, no food addiction, no internet, power, or drug addiction.

Not even future!

There is only love.

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