Nach Hause finden

Philipps Begründungen

Ihr wisst, dass ich immer wieder Alkoholismus, Co-Abhängigkeit und Sucht thematisiere und ich sage Euch auch, warum.

Es geht mir darum, dass Alkoholismus und Co-Abhängigkeit in unserer Welt weiter bagatellisiert werden, und dass in der Allgemeinbildung kein Platz dafür ist.
Die Frage, wie gehe ich mit einem Freund oder einer Freundin um, die ein Sucht- oder Co-Abhängigkeitsproblem hat, kann doch keiner aus dem Stegreif beantworten.

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There Is No Fulfilment in the Future

If you want fulfilment —be here and now

ven when you are happily tinkering with your future, the time and space continuum of your happiness is now and here.

By nurturing your belief that you can only be happy when X occurs or Y happens, you prevent happiness. Moreover, Such “if …, then … “clauses are known as the lousy companions of addictive thinking. They belong to the so-called “stinking thinking. “

“Stinking thinking “is a term coined by Alcoholics Anonymous. It is suitable to bring you down, to weaken you, and thus lead you deeper and deeper into addiction.

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Richtig gute Schreibkurse

Tippen oder Handschrift?

Schreiben in Berlin und Live-Online überall!

Ich wollte Euch schon die ganze Zeit mal einen Link auf Michas Schreibkurse geben.
Mein Buch Rauschliebe, aber auch mein neues Buch, (Arbeitstitel „Spielbuch„) das inzwischen schon ziemlich weit gediegen ist, ist im Rahmen seiner Schreibkurse entstanden.

Also, wenn Ihr Zeit und Lust habt im Rahmen einer Gruppe zu schreiben – inzwischen finden die meisten Kurse online statt- dann bucht einen Kurs bei ihm und ich kann Euch garantieren, dass es Euch mit dem Schreiben weiter bringen wird!
Diese Kurse eignen sich auch wunderbar als Weihnachtsgeschenke!

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I count. You count. We count.

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Heute möchte ich Euch mit diesem Artikel einladen, mir auf meinem Medium-Account zu folgen.
Er heisst I count. You count. We count.
Ein Querverweis zwischen Zählen und Rechnen.

Der Artikel wurde ursprünglich am 05.10.2020 auf The Innovation auf Medium veröffentlicht.

Möglicherweise wird zukünftig mein Blog hier größtenteils auf Deutsch oder zweisprachig erscheinen und auf Medium auf Englisch.

Ich hoffe Euch hier und dort wiederzusehen!

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Today I want to invite you to follow me on my Medium account with this article:

I count. You count. We count.
A short cross-reference on counting and calculating

The article was originally pulished on 05.10.20 on The innovation on Medium.

Probably this blog here is going stay in German or bilingual and on Medium in English.

I hope to see you here and there!

Writing (for) The Masterpiece

A couple of weeks ago, I was accepted as a writer for the online-magazine The Masterpiece.

I submitted my first article. The magazine dismissed it with a handful of suggestions on how to write essays of higher quality.

I followed the suggestions and submitted another piece that was accepted.

This piece also contained some minor flaws. The magazine´s host, S M Mamunur, edited and published it.

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Do Not Wait

What exactly are you waiting for?
Do you have an appointment with something? Your future self?
So, what if it never shows up?

What if it waits for you to do the first step?
What if you need to create it first?

What I do know for sure is that death will show up instead some day.

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Is temporo-mandibular joint dysfunction (TMJD) an expression of masked depression?

Is TMD/CMD a disease or a symptom?

In my dental practice, I am increasingly dealing with bruxism, cranio-mandibular dysfunctions (CMD), temporo-mandibular joint disorder (TMD, TMJD).
All of the three have in common, that the muscles and joints that physiologically help us to chew, and the teeth engage in subconscious high-tension parafunctions like grinding, pressing and clenching the teeth.
It is not possible to willingly stop it, yet most of the times it happens at night while asleep.

Dental night guards can provide a little relief and protection for the enamel.
But some people just grind on, till it hurts so much that they need painkillers and psychotherapy.

In my practice, this phenomenon affects about 50% of women and a little less affects men.

I want to shed light on the question of what drives us to grind and clench our teeth until our jaws, teeth, temporomandibular joints, and muscles hurt and wear out. Muscles and tendons shorten, adhere together, and harden, temporomandibular joints become inflamed, and teeth loosen, break or die.

Chronic CMD makes your teeth get shorter, weaker, and more brittle. The resulting inflammation of your periodontium is shedding the tooth more and more! You hear noises, tinnitus!

You lose your TEETH by subconsciously gritting, grinding, rubbing, and pressing them!
The consequences are dramatic, and sooner or later many people with severe CMD end up with alcohol, psychotherapy, heavy painkillers, or antidepressants.

Antidepressants for CMD, you ask yourself?

Yes, antidepressants! In severe cases of CMD, a lightly dosed antidepressant is recommended.

That brings us to the topic.
Modern dental medicine can offer prescriptions of painkillers, muscle-relaxants, physiotherapy, gymnastics, magnesium, night-guards and in severe cases joint-surgeries. We can spread the word of self-awareness, relaxation and bio-feedback-exercises to relax your muscles.
What modern dentistry cannot deliver is to cure the causes of heavy grinding, bruxism, and CMD. The affected neuro-muscular system responds to inner tension, sorrow, anxiety, fear. Progressive CMD leads to more insecurity, more fear, more pain, even to quitting or losing partners and jobs.

In chronc high-tension- situations some people acquire auto-immune-disorders, like asthma, or allergies, some get heart-attacks, and some get orthopedic issues like disc-prolapses and CMD.

All of this leads us to the question:

Is CMD a disease or a symptom?

The longer I observe cranio-mandibular dysfunctions, the more I see them as symptoms of suppressed life energy.

We humans have been suppressing our anger and pain since childhood and learn that we are more socially acceptable when we put on a mask and smile in a friendly manner.

So we smile and work hard to be accepted and loved.

In us, however, all the situations of suppressed anger, fear, and pain turn into deep grief, and with every decade we become sadder and more dependent on work, alcohol, porn, or the encouragement of others.

When and how should we stop this?

How can we get out of it?

What can we do with all of the pent-up anger and self-destruction?

What can you do instead of the involuntary, self-destructive crunching and pressing?

I’m afraid you won’t be able to avoid facing yourself.

We humans have always had only one task in life:

Know yourself and become who you are!

But how does that work?

There are many ways and methods to do this.

Some people find their way to their core through the parental home, others through philosophy or intellectual activity in school, and still others through recurring life patterns that keep them busy.

There’s no shame in not making it on your own. On the contrary, very few of us make it alone. In contrast, most people find their meaning in life by other people mirroring their patterns and core-issues to them, be it in friendships, love relationships, divorces, employment relationships, or in parenting.

You can also seek for targeted coaching on this topic.

If you are interested in your self-awareness — then book a coaching with me. We will check you mentally, physically-materially, psychologically-emotionally, and spiritually!

We will dance with the flow and it will be pure magic

This article originally was published on 04. October 2020 on Medium at The Innovation

6 Gratis-Rezensions-Exemplare für mein Buch Rauschliebe!

Liebe Leser*innen,
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Ich bin gespant, wer sich meldet und rezensiert!