Give and Take

In her talk, Peggy Oki describes how she, as an active artist, skater, surfer and whale activist, recognized situations in her life that the universe offered her to unfold.

It tells in a very touching way that it is very important to do something, to give, to be active, as well as to receive, such as recognizing the opportunities that arise and opening them up.
It describes how she received and accepted gratitude and encouragement from other people who were touched and changed by her work.

She presents her mega projects in a sweet, humble way, it almost seems as if she smiled a little bit inside herself and as if she was happy about all the things that she had experienced.
She says that she created huge art projects from it, which she was allowed to share with other people, and through which many whales and dolphins were saved, as if only the right balance of give and take was important, and then EVERYTHING would be possible!

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