Yesterday we joined a Seminar formerly called „Master of Money“ – now „Conscious Money“
During the seminar my attitude towards money shifted from a very ambivalent stand to a much friendlier, softer relationship, like to an old, lifelong friend. I was quite surprised by that outcome…

At some stage in the seminar I wrote these lines:

From now on, July 7th 2019 I decide to treat money like a living creature, a family member that needs love and care, too.
I acknowledge, see and thank Money for
it´s creative power,
it´s livelyness,
it´s internationality,
it´s value, charme and energy.

I will use Money only for stuff that I welcome and value, and will call it only beautiful names, so that it hears my call and comes to dance with me.

Today we had our flight back home and were offered 250 Euro each, if we just took the next plane. We didn’t have any better plans or appointmens anyway, so we took the money offered to us – and felt like Masters of Money – open to recieve.


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