Messages from the dark side

Pain, shame, sicknesses, divorces, addictions, dependent relationships…
All sorts of messages from the dark side seem to keep us busy not being able to do what we want to do actually….

But then – ist that really so?

What is hidden behind all those messages?

Maybe they just want to direct your attention to your true destiny:

Ask yourself
– How would my life look like without that darkness?
– What do I need the darkness for?

Soon you will find yourself answering more questions.

They will sound like
– What kind of life do I need to live to be proud and full of vitality?
– In such a life- who is there with me?
– Where do I live?
– What do I work? And how many hours?
– What else do I do?
– How do I feel?
– How can I create this kind of life?
And so on.

To engage in an analysis of what is there now in your life might be the first step.
Analyze – which areas in your life actually contribute to your idea of a good life? Most people would answer things like health, wealth, family and social life, work, sense and meaning in life, adventure, safety and similar.

Make yourself a list with all the areas of life that mean something to YOU.
With that inventory you can see which areas are good already, and which may be changed or transformed.
Change and transformation can be created by adding good stuff and getting rid off rubbish.
That is exactly what I ask you to do.

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