Thoughts and Emotions

They come and go. They are not subordinate to you, you cannot voluntarily turn them off. They come even when you absolutely don’t want them to come, and they appear as if it is you who thinks and feels them. That is is their sophisticated trick to cover up the fact that you really can’t control them.
In the worst case, they rule you. Their involuntary, constant murmur may result in the fact that you identify yourself with them. It is quite possible that you think, „my feelings and thoughts make up my personality.“
You are wrong:

If you had to give up all your belongings, your family and friends, your beliefs, your morals, your intelligence, your language, your creativity, your health, your values, everything that can be named and grasped, as well as your thoughts and yours feelings – there would still be a whole infinity that no one, not even you and your habitual ego, could ever give away, destroy or even change.

Those involuntary thoughts and feelings actually distract you from the essentials, from who you truly are. If you want to reduce or eliminate the disturbing influence of this background noise, then go and find a few control maneuvers for a more consciouss management. For example, you can observe the „noise floor“. You can create a distance to it. Or you can just let the thoughts and feelings flow by and just not let yourself be so impressed by them.

You can of course also use magic: You can produce and create your own independent, arbitrary thoughts and feelings. Initially the involuntary thoughts and feelings will coexist with the crafted ones and then they gradually fade away.

Those self-crafted thoughts and feelings – they matter! They deserve your full attention. You have created these arbitrary thoughts and feelings through your personal choice. And you can and will create new thoughts and feelings. Through them you create a life according to your life purpose.

It is appropriate to identify and adorn yourself with them.



This article has first been published in German on 28.11.2018 as Gedanken und Gefühle



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