My sister Nanda about nearly everything:

So here is what she posted yesterday on her Facebook-Timeline:

I prefer to be prepared – for any disaster – if I can be… Not everything is in our power to control, but how you face shocking news is almost always in your control.

You know very well – if you read even 10% of messages I posted since 2011, or if you walk awake – that the ecology is coming apart, that too many animals died for reasons noone could or wants to explain, that many societies are crumbling, that influential people who broadcast their views in the media are remorseless psychopaths, that many so-called leaders are self-absorbed sociopaths, that too many people of all walks of life are too addicted – to alcohol, drugs, entertainment, pornography, conflict, shopping, money, ideology – to ever form a clear thought.

Do your research. Trust what you observe. Act. Become your own loving authority.

You do not need to „expect“ catastrophes in order to perceive that they are coming, that they will be part of the future.

We can blame a lot of groups for them. We can blame our own lack of consciousness and respect too. Or we can stop resisting the inflow of information … and allow ourselves to develop proactive plans and solutions… The time for complaints was over five years ago, or, more accurately, in the late 1990s. People chose to ignore the signs because they listened to psychopaths, sociopaths, addicts, whoever else provided a pacifying narrative or a cutesy distraction instead (!) of trusting their own senses about what was unfolding.

Get ready for bigger things than the corona virus. This now is an opportunity to practise a different mindset: appreciation for the restorers 🌿 and appreciation for your sensitivity, your receptivity to Life, your decision to join the restorers too.

This one thing shall pass in a few weeks or months… Other things are coming, though.

Find your mind again and use it. You have had enough experiences by now to know that the enemies of compassion and the enemies of intellect do not like life at all, that they work to establish more hell than the rest of us can reasonably cope with, and that they are not the ones to seek advice from or attach yourself to. They are a less manageable, greedier, more debilitating parasite than any flu could be. Don’t be such an agreeable or „nice“ host to them.

👋 Stay well. Be good to your loved ones. Be the medicine.

I can only say – BRAVO and thank you!

6 Antworten auf “My sister Nanda about nearly everything:”

    1. I am Karmen’s sister. We have grown up together, we have the same parents, and so on.

      I wear many hats in my professional life. I am a water activist, a holistic practitioner with (almost) 25 years of practice, a poet too.

      Thank you for reading and contemplating my words. I appreciate such kind feedback.


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