I am now a Writer for An-Idea on Medium!

A couple of days ago I was invited to write for a publication on Medium.
It is called An-Idea and it is very young and still small.
It was such a lovely surprise to me, since I publish quite rarely on Medium – and actually not especially eagerly.
There are only two handful of articles that I shared on Medium.

To be honest, I didn´t think that my writings, that come in German most of the times, could find a publication there.

But my secret prayers are being heard!
Everyday I tell myself:
I am a Dentist, Author, Blogger and Coach! I am extremely successful!

Affirming myself in my belief that I am a successful author, I don´t go into detail like how I will manage to do it, but I imagine myself being there already and I fuel myself with all the feelings, body-sensory and emotions around me being a successful Dentist, Author, Blogger and Coach.

Universe, of course hears my prayers.
Yesterday and today I have submitted two of my writings and both have been accepted and published.
I am a lucky woman!

These are my first published Articles:

Thoughts and Emotions

Why you should love your body

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