Gratitude is a silver bullet in positive psychology. An all-rounder.

Gratitude has been shown to create a good mood, a creative, happy and confident mind and, last but not least – longevity. When I look at people who exercise gratitude as a basic attitude and who also like to express it, I see that these people are particularly loved by those around them. Being grateful makes these people tolerant, flexible, forgiving and also popular, pleasant contemporaries.

To me it seems that grateful people can also be more tolerant and soft towards themselves. As if gratitude led to more self-love in addition to all the well-known delights.

Since I’ve only started to surround myself privately with people I really love, and for whose friendship I am deeply grateful, I have recognized that gratitude, love and self-love are correlated and mutually reinforcing. These synergies are extremely beneficial and can be stimulated incredibly easily: dear readers! Thank you very much for reading and your support!
Thank you WordPress that I can publish my writings here!


This article originally was published in German on 29. November 2018 on my blog

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