Write here! Write now!

Write here! Write now!

Lovely penpals, writers, bloggers, authors, scribblers, poets, and readers!

I cannot express how grateful I am to be a writer, too.

A couple of weeks ago I had a crazy day:

  • I received the proofreading of my book for adjustments before the book set and publication.
  • I got the design of my new business card for my new coaching business, which in my head really is the same thing.
  • I was nominated for a blogger award.
  • and I got an invitation to publish in an online magazine.

That happened all on the same day.

That happened all on the same day.

Although I have been blogging daily for nearly two years and in the meantime I have written and published my first novel, and although I am in the middle of preparations for publishing my second book, it is still weird to introduce myself a writer.

That particular day I felt as if the universe has accepted my writer-being and that it supports my plans.

Since then I have been accepted to two more publications on Medium. 

That is why I have switched over to writing more in English.

Today I have finished the adjustments for my second book.

I will send it to my dear book-setter tonight.

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