Dress for success – What is that supposed to mean?

Last week I was invited to an event with a dresscode: „Dress for success!“

My first thought was to wear a business suit.
My second thought was to wear a track suit or sweatpants and a sweatshirt. 
My irresolution lead me to these questions:

What is success anyway, and how do I feel, when I am successful? 
What do I connect with a successful life?
What do I wear when I am successful? 

My dental working clothes?
My tracksuit hanging on my sofa writing on my new book?
Eve´s costume enjoying a romantic night with my swetheart?

I looked into my wardrobe and found out that I haven´t shopped any clothes for years!
Based on this finding I assume that cothing is not especilally something I engage and play too much with when creating my reality.
That finding was quite interessting to me, considering how much style meant to me in my youth and knowing that it can be fun to change personalities just by changing the outfit.

And still - I didn´t know, what to wear at the event…

So I went shopping.
And came back with a black slim suit, a neon pink shirt and a pair of bright yellow sneakers.
I feel successful and satisfied with my choice of dressing for success.

This article originally was published on my medium-account at 02.10.2020

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