Giving = Taking

What we put into the world, we add to the world.
The world is our environment, so we add to our environment what we put into the world.

If you want to live in a good environment, then bring good things into the world.

By pointing your judging finger at somebody and by saying they were or did wrong or by badmouthing something, you become the badmouth.
Through your negative judgement and belittleling words you let bad things get into the world, into your environment.

So your badmouth makes your environment bad.
By choosing disparaging words to describe reality you create reality.

However, you can also distance yourself from badmouthing and try to remain neutral.
By empathizing, you can even include “the Bad” into your pleading for the Good and by that open space for healing.

Embracing and including „The Bad“ into your prayers for the Good is what you can really do anytime, with anything.
„The Bad“ transforms into an opportunity for you to expand your love, your heart and the whole world!

So taking becomes giving and giving becomes taking.

This article orignally was published in German on my blog Ich kreiere, also bin ich at 03.04.2019.
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