Why you should love your body

I hear people complaing about their body all the time.

I am too fat.
I am too short.
I am too tall.
I am too big.
My boobs are too small, too saggy, too big…

I am too thin.
I am too wobbely.
My skin is too wrinkly.
My hair is too grey, bold, curly, flat…

My nose is too big.
My muscles are wrong.

All these sentences tell „I hate my body“.
Listening to that sentence subconsciously all your life makes me want to heal all the pain coming from it.

Of course you can say „I love my body“ while not believing and feeling what you say.
There is a little detour I can offer, with that formulation:

Why SHOULD I love my body?

If you ask yourself, why you should love your body, your answers become more true and more empathic. Your answers might sound like:

I should love my body, because

I can walk with it
I can draw with it
I can sing with it
I can play with it
I can eat with it
I can drink with it
I can think with it
I can talk with it
I can hug with it
I can make art with it
I can learn with it
I can feel with it
I can see with it
I can listen with it
I can taste with it
I can move with it
I can dance with it
I can smell with it
I can make love with it

And so on, and so on…

I shall love my body, because my body gives me my life!


4 Antworten auf “Why you should love your body”

  1. Isn’t „I’m too fat“ another way to say „I’m too weak to change“ most of the times? Because that’s what I do. I know exactly why I have those extra kilos … I just don’t care 😀

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