Mind your languages!

Science has found out that bilinguals perceieve time differently in their two languages.
The language they use will determine their estimation how much time has passed.

Another interessting finding is that bilinguals use two different coexisting phonetic systems when talking or reading or even thinking. The two languages not only compete in pronunciation, but also in words, grammar, interpunction and other specific characteristics like gestures, mimics, humour and proverbs all the time.
The language which is used more frequently becomes stronger – you can compare the strength of your language with the strength of a muscle.
For the sake of peace of mind, the rarely used language gives in.

Still a bilingual brain comes with huge gains in some different areas:
Bilinguals feel easier and stronger connected to other people and cultures. That one is priceless, because connection is one of our strongest motivations in life!
Bilinguals focus and concentrate better.
They perform better in multitasking, see faster through complex problems and solve them better.

If you want to change your personality, just switch the language more often. Become a bilingual!
If you don´t speak another language, then learn one that you like and practice.
It will bring you joy!

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