You decide!

You decide!

If you think, you are powerless, then you can´t decide.

If you think you own all the power needed – then you can decide whatever you want.
However, our world is designed for us to be consumers, so that we buy things and consume hours and hours of our precious lifetime on FB and Amazon and NF.
And fair enough, millions of people waste their lifes exactly like that.

Tell me – don´t you want to do it yyooouur waaay? Weiterlesen „You decide!“

Your purpose in life

Yes, sure, you have your goals.
Short term goals, long term goals, big goals, small goals, funny goals, heavy goals.
But why are they your goals, anyway?

Why do you want to invest time, money, sweat, and force into them?
Are they leading you to some point? To a beautiful body, family, number on your bank account? And – is that really it? Weiterlesen „Your purpose in life“

Why argue?

Why argue?

When you find yourself arguing with somebody about the same topic over and over again – do you ask yourself how you can break the vicious cycle?

I mean, ask YOURself, how YOU can make a difference, or even stop it, and not have the other person doing this or that.
So, what arguments are really useful for, is to discover what actually bothers you. What triggers your emotions, your thoughts and feelings? Weiterlesen „Why argue?“

Thank God for our Vagina!

I enjoy this speech of Kaouthar Darmoni so much!

At around 11:30-11:45 she dreams about a „Golden Age“, where the Female and the Male worlds are here „Not to compete, but to complete this world!“

I was really touched by this sentence and the whole talk altogether.

Later on she suggests when you are in stressful situations to contract your „Cabasa“, your pelvic muscles, instead of your jaws. I clap and salut her for this one, in the name of the rising number of the grinding patients, suffering from tendo-mandibular disorders and in the name of all my dental colleagues!